I rewatched “Lethal Weapon 3” the other day. I remebered it as ok from when I saw it in the cinema, once upon a time. Riggs and Murthaugh are definetly two of the best action characters from the 1980’s, but unfortunately also two of the characters that have been most…

In the 1990’s, the Hong Kong movie industry produced plenty of violent action movies, often dealing with organized crime. Movies like John Woo’s “The Killer” and “Hard-boiled” are famous, and are by many seen as classic action masterpieces.

It is slightly less familiar to most people that the violence not…

Until recently, ”Rambo III” was the worst entry in the Rambo franchise. It’s funny how things change. I figured, why not give the movie the benefit of the doubt and rewatch it. It was probably at least 10 years since last time I saw it.

Much has been said about…

With the Die Hard franchise, Hollywood has been quite successful in killing of a fantastic franchise very effectively. It takes a certain amount of skill to evolve a franchise from one of the best action movies ever produced, to one of the worst action movies ever produced. …

I love streaming services like Netflix, but you are probably missing out on many older gems that the algoritms will not find for you. Here are some great 70’s movies, starring Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Edward Fox and Bruce Dern.

iTunes is a great source for finding these wonderful movies!

The Day of the Jackal

Hefas Moviestuff

I am a movie fanatic, that love to share my thoughts about movies. 2021 I will spend a lot of time rewatching movies from the past.

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