Al Pacino as NYPD Detective Frank Serpico

5 Great Movies on iTunes from the 1970’s

I love streaming services like Netflix, but you are probably missing out on many older gems that the algoritms will not find for you. Here are some great 70’s movies, starring Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Edward Fox and Bruce Dern.

iTunes is a great source for finding these wonderful movies!

The Day of the Jackal

An assassin (played by one of my favorites, the great Edward Fox) is hired to kill French President Charles DeGaulle. Several previous assassination attempts have failed, and the security around DeGaulle is tight.

The movie follows the preparations of the hired assassin, the Jackal. Very exciting, and full of great performances.

The movie is based on Frederick Forsythes bestselling book of the same name, and the Jackal is not real-life terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sanchez. And by all means – do not confuse this with the Bruce Willis- and Richard Gere-movie ”The Jackal”, which is a mediocre affair.

”The Day of the Jackal” can be found on Itunes here.


“Serpico” is based on real-life events in New York City during the late 1960’s and the early 1970's. Frank Serpico was a Brooklyn cop that revealed large-scale corruption in the New York Police Department. He was widely hated by his colleagues for this.

Sidney Lumet is a great director, and this is one of Al Pacinos most classic performances. If you by any reason have missed “Serpico”, you need to correct this immediately.

“Serpico” can be viewed on iTunes here.

Straight Time

“Straight Time” is a forgotten little gem of a movie, made in 1978. It stars Dustin Hoffman, and has a cast including M Emmet Walsh, Harry Dean Stanton and Gary Busey. Hoffmans character is a career criminal that tries to go straight, and avoid being pulled back to the criminal life.

Terrific performances, and a movie that deserve more attention.

Watch “Straight Time” on iTunes.

Silent Running

“Silent Running” is probably not a movie for everyone. It’s a slightly hippie-influenced science-fiction movie, and it may not have aged terribly well, but the topic is very relevant in todays world.

Botanist Freeman Lovell (Bruce Dern) struggles to preserve the last plantlife from Earth, on a spaceship. One day the crew is ordered to destroy the final plants and return to Earth. This is something Lovell can not accept…

You can find “Silent Running” on iTunes right here.

Dog Day Afternoon

Another great Sidney Lumet movie, starring Al Pacino. Pacino is amazing, and so John Cazalle, as the miserable Sal. This is a true classic.

Watch “Dog Day Afternoon” on iTunes.




I am a movie fanatic, that love to share my thoughts about movies. 2021 I will spend a lot of time rewatching movies from the past.

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Hefas Moviestuff

Hefas Moviestuff

I am a movie fanatic, that love to share my thoughts about movies. 2021 I will spend a lot of time rewatching movies from the past.

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